Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where's All the Coffee?!

Birthday celebrations! On Tuesday, it's my friend Eileen and her twin sister's birthday. To celebrate, a group of us went out last night for dinner and dessert. Dinner was at a London staple of mine, Wagamama. More importantly, dessert was at a place called Freestyle Tout. For nearly $16, you can get the beautiful creation below. I chose the Cocoluscious Sundae, which had coffee, chocolate, and vanilla coconut ice cream with organic chocolate coconut sauce. Amazing! Best part? It wasn't overly sweet like American desserts, even the honey comb-like part. There's been so many times in America when I've had a couple bites of a sundae or sweet treat and had to stop because I was getting lightheaded from the sugar rush. It was refreshing to avoid this feeling! It's weird, if I have too much sweetness, my mind gets foggy and my mood changes for the worse, which is why I am extremely cognizant of what I put into my body and how it makes me feel.  

As I sat at the table enjoying my treat, the topic of coffee came up. I had heard Australia was a "cafe culture," but to be quite honest, I hadn't had a good cup yet! For those of you that know me, you know how important of a role coffee plays in my everyday life. Time and time again I've tried to cut it out of my diet, but it continues to creep back in with defiance! So I've just settled on that fact that it makes me happy and serves as a comfort, especially on cold Chicago mornings. For the most part, it is the thing I enjoy no matter where I travel. I love trying new types and new ways of preparing, which is why I need to keep searching for a good cuppa (yup, that's how they say it here!). I keep hearing that Blackstar Cafe in the West End of Brisbane has the best coffee in the city. I'll make my way there tomorrow and report back...

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