Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reoccuring Theme: Relax

Before going on my trip to Australia, I mentioned that one of the main reasons I was going was "to learn how to be worry-free in a no worries society." This theme continues to reemerge as I meet more and more Australians.

For instance, on Friday night while waitressing, the other employees asked how long I had been in Brisbane and when I told them two days, all of their mouths dropped. I told them it was my American mentality that I had to work right away. Additionally, the family that I met yesterday kept reminding me, "Just relax. It's okay to just enjoy a day (or two or three) at the beach without working."

It's not easy for me to do nothing. Even when I'm doing nothing, I'm thinking about all the things I could be doing instead. I think this is the reason I don't sleep. It's almost as if I think I would be more efficient doing something else other than "wasting my time" sleeping...yikes! What a terrible way to live!

So I will say it again and again until it sticks...I'm learning to relax and enjoy life day by day.

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