Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Session in Redcliffe

One thing I always aspire to improve upon is my photography skills. It's one of my creative outlets I've only just begun to tap into. I dream that one day when I'm ready to settle down I'll have photographs all around my house of the places I've visited and the photographs I've taken along the way. This way, I'll always feel connected to the places I've lived, worked, and traveled.

Today, I spent the day with my friend Eileen's sister, Carmel. She is a professional photographer and offered to teach me more about her trade. We headed out to Redcliffe and used the local scenery as inspiration. After an hour tutorial on a picnic bench beneath a hoop pine, I tested out my lesson on photography firsthand. We started at a beach nearby. Here are a couple of the photos I shot:

After shooting around awhile, Carmel drove me around the various parts of Redcliffe. We ended our journey at Morgan's in Scarborough, the place for seafood. We placed our order and 15 minutes later we had a picnic lunch ready to bring to the beach. We feasted on prawns, Moreton Bay Bugs, and chips (fries). Carmel taught me how to properly shell a prawn as well as add just a bit of lemon to bring out the flavor. With a gorgeous breeze coming off the water, we enjoyed the end to a educational and fun morning together.

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  1. I am glad you had fun!!! And the photos look great... I want more prawns and bugs now!!