Friday, October 12, 2012

Lesson of the Day: Australia IS Expensive but...

...don't give in to the temptation! I've found that I'm much better off grocery shopping than eating at restaurants, cafes, and even food marts.

For instance, yesterday I was starving midday and needed something to hold me over until dinner in between volunteering and working, so I stopped to grab a small coffee and Snickers bar at a cafe. I spent over $7 on it, which would have been $4 tops in the States. The Snickers alone was $3.50. Soft drinks and coffees are nearly $4! Things are double the price and I'm quoting these in AUD (which is essentially equivalent to USD).

Overall, high prices have led me to ask myself regularly, "Do I really need that or do I just want it?" This type of conscious decision making will be beneficial when it carries over into my life back in Chicago once I'm back, too! Win-win.

In summary, shop at a grocery store as much as possible or at farmers markets and always carry a snack on you; otherwise positive decision making skills diminish as hunger elevates.

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