Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really, Magpies?? REALLY?!

I think I may be forever scarred by these godforsaken birds. It's 2am here and I've just been jarred awake by a body-numbing (literally) nightmare, which involved one of these terrible creatures biting my toe so hard that it actually woke me up to my body being completely tingly, like when it "falls asleep."

I am going to credit this terrible experience to one of two things:
1. The fact that I completed a hardcore 90-minute boot camp tonight under the Queensland stars in which I left with my body barely still intact, OR
2. The fact that in an entirely new area of Brisbane that I (yet again) had an encounter with two (count them, TWO!) magpies today. We stared each other down, I had a few choice words, and then I skinned my forearm yet again when one swooped. As blood started to emerge from my arm, a local asked me if I was okay and all I could do was scurry all paranoid to safety.

I really think I may need therapy after this trip. The doctor will ask, "So what brings you in today?" And I'll look around his office, eyes bugging out of my head will dart back and forth at the bird statues and wall calendars he has, and I'll whisper, "...magpies."

But hey, as long as I can get a couple laughs out of my readers, I guess the torture is worth it!

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