Monday, December 17, 2012

On Top of the World!...or maybe just on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge :)

For my final night in Sydney before heading to New Zealand for the holidays, Diana and I climbed the Sydney Bridge at dusk. On our climb up, it was still light outside with gorgeous views of the Opera House. On the way down, the lights of the city skyline illuminated the night sky. Basically, we got the best of both worlds!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened in 1932 after 9 years of construction. It remained the tallest structure in Sydney until 1967, but now the city skylines rises high above this "coat hanger" bridge. The structure of the bridge is held together by 6 million rivets, which were inserted red-hot by teams of four men. These mushroom-topped rivets were tossed from one man to the next across the bridge then pounded in. Supposedly there are tens of thousands of these rivets in the water below from the missed catches. As we walked up and down the structure, we could see the mass amounts of these rivets in the structure. Sure does put in perspective the scale of this project!

Before we started the climb, we met an American family from Florida. The parents and the three boys were about to fly to New Zealand as well, except they were going on a week bike trip where they bikes about 40 miles per day--how cool! I wish my family did vacations like that! I guess that just means I'll have to incorporate with my own family one day :)

When we arrived at the top, Diana and I had our photos taken as well as taped a video on behalf of Be You. (I'll attach it once I'm back on my laptop--it'll make your day!). We started cracking up at the end in fits of happiness and our new American friends smiled from afar.

What we learned from the bridge climb is that Diana and I are very good at experiencing things and sharing them with others. We inspire others to do the things that scare them, thus leading to personal development. can we get paid to do this for a living?! Ideas?

I look at my track record and notice that presents I give, dates I go on, etc. all involve experiencing something rather than material things. I am the Chief Experiential Officer of my own life. Experiencing is the best way for me to learn AND to teach others...

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