Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"If You're Dressed as a Banana and Eating a Banana...Is This Considered Cannibalism??"...Monday Funday, Christmas Edition

Due to our roadtrip in New Zealand from Christchurch to Queenstown on Friday, Friday Funday did not happen. Instead, Diana and I decided to do a special Christmas Eve edition and call it Monday Funday for the week. We were going to skip the week altogether, but decided this was a poor decision since Diana and I would be parting ways in a little less than two weeks. We knew we had to carry on the tradition as long as we could before then.

Our original costumes for Monday Funday included reindeer ears, but unanticipated events Sunday night led us down a different (and very appropriate) course. On our walk home from the bars, I spotted someone smoking in front of our hostel...in a banana costume. I coerced him into lending me his costume for Monday Funday. I promised to return the costume unharmed and ensured that it would make the day of the hundreds of people that would pass us the following morning at Monday Funday. He obliged. I could now add "banana" to my list of costumes this trip, which already include "beer bottle" and "dinosaur."

Monday morning, we woke up excited to dance! We told our new friends, Mike and James, to meet us near the waterfront in Queenstown at 11am for a fun surprise. For lasting stamina during Monday Funday, I ate a banana while dressed as a banana before leaving the hostel.

We decided that dancing near the waterfront in Queenstown would be best because people would be walking by to do last minute shopping and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Ashley was our Guest Dancer of the week and really added to the experience. Here's us with our youngest fan:

Then, just before 11am, Mike and James popped by after seeing me in the banana costume from where they ate breakfast. They were impressed with my negotiation skills with the owner of the banana costume. I'm not quite sure myself how I always seem to acquire these costumes, but I am in NO way complaining...

The boys joined the dance party and all five of us danced for the next hour or so and yelled out, "Merry Christmas!" to all that passed. I'm pretty sure with all of the Asian tourists recording our dance moves that we're on some Asian website somewhere...score! As we danced, our favorite Patagonia ice cream truck guy, TJ, saw us and doubled over in laughter. I've said it once and I'll say it again...people love costumes. The more random the costume, the better.

Pyramid on the waterfront
Be You and Guest Dancers!

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