Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 New Years Resolutions

In grad school, I learned about BHAGs, which stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goals. BHAGs were coined in the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies and technically apply to companies, but I think are applicable to individuals as well. These goals are often externally questionable, yet regarded as very possible internally. Because I've always been a goal setter, I think that compiling a list of BHAGs is important. I'm a huge fan of crossing things off lists as well, so the idea of setting huge (and often intimidating) goals is fun and fulfilling for just that reason.

On the contrary, I've heard that setting goals isn't good because it can discourage people from accomplishing things in life if they consistently fail to accomplish the goals they've set. My opinion? Do what is best for YOU! Personally, I'm a very motivated person and driven by my own accomplishments, so I think goal setting works well for me. Plus, because I enjoy self-reflection and self-growth, I like to look back on the year (or whatever time frame) and discover what worked and what didn't and let that guide me in the next set of goals.

I dubbed 2012 the Year of Christina. This past year, I focused on all the things that make me happy and eliminated those that didn't. A couple of my goals last year included the following:

-Take at least one big, out-of-the-country trip and frequent mini trips every 6-8 weeks
-Find a job that I love that fulfills me
-Eliminate toxic friends
-Organize my photos and create a photo wall of my favorite memories
-Explore new hobbies/creative outlets
-Increase mental, spiritual, and physical strength
-Embrace being single and work on becoming my best self

Of the goals I set for 2012, I completed a majority or at least made great strides in doing so. I don't see it as a failure that I didn't complete every resolution. Instead, it serves as a building block for this year. For 2013, I am going to build off 2012 as a foundation and name it the Year of Turning Up the Love and No Excuses. Each resolution I've set for the upcoming year has been well thought out and serves a significant purpose in my life, whether it be because it makes me happy and fulfilled, it helps me feel better physically and/or mentally, and/or it allows me to express my creative side.

Here's a list of 2013 goals I've created:

-No sugar!
-Learn how to cook and then cook every meal possible unless going out for a special occasion
-Start gardening, even if it's just herbs at first
-Bike as much as I can for transportation
-Do yoga at least once per week
-Be active everyday- find fun, nontraditional ways to burn calories (e.g. dancing while cooking!)
-Live in the moment and appreciate the now
-Go on one adventure everyday, no matter how big or small the adventure
-Don't hold back or do things based on other people's opinions
-Tutor kids and be a positive influence in their lives
-Be open to love
-Live simply

I really believe 2013 is going to be a great year, just like 2012. I've learned so much from the past year that I cannot wait to put into practice in the upcoming year. Wonderful things are happening and I'm excited to go along for the ride.

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