Monday, December 24, 2012

Fly Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!...Oh, And Moon Pumping

"If you want to act like a kid...JUST DO IT!"

On Sunday (the day before Christmas Eve), Diana, Ashley, and I went to a trampoline warehouse in Frankton (a couple kilometers outside Queenstown, New Zealand). Our whitewater rafting tour guides from the previous day lined up an hour-and-a-half time slot for us in the afternoon. They promised the experience would be both unique (since most people in Queenstown do the stereotypical adventure activities) and heaps of fun. Upon arrival at the warehouse, we threw off our shoes and socks and hopped on one of the five trampolines in the building.

There were about five other participants at the open gym and the average age was 10. I'm pretty sure Diana, Ashley, and I were the most excited participants and I would not have put it past us to throw some 'bows to secure ample trampoline time. One of the trampolines led into a foam pit, three were more extreme trampolines (proof: Diana could touch the ceiling of the warehouse while bouncing on them), and the last was a traditional backyard trampoline (which we found no one used because compared to the others, it pretty much sucked).

Since most of the activities we choose depend on whether they are great photo opps, we made sure to capture as many of these priceless moments on film as possible. Below are a few of my favorites:

Diana's frog jump into the pit
Me looking ever so graceful 
Ashley doing some intense martial arts, slow motion moves...or so it seems
Air High Fives!
After more than our allotted time on the trampolines, my body ached but I could feel myself perma-smiling. Do you know how free and kid-like it feels to be on a trampoline?! For nearly two hours, we were able to forget our responsibilities, fears, and anything holding us back and embrace the carefree mentality of a child while sailing through the air. How could I not smile?!

Feeding off our trampoline high, we cruised down the waterfront on our way back into Queenstown. What we thought was a two hour hike back turned into much more than that (about 10 kilometers, just over 6 miles), so we hopped on a bus instead so that we could get back into the city centre before the New Year. But we made sure to get a good family photo before getting on the bus:

Still can't get over the views!
When we finally got back to Nomads (hostel), all of us were falling asleep as we ate our lunch/dinner. Diana and I fought through our exhaustion by hanging out with some new friends in the common area as Ashley napped. Our newly acquired New York friends, James and Mike, then convinced us to go out for a couple drinks at a bar around the corner. After a few glasses of wine, a game of pool, and one of the most randomly hilarious conversations (Me: "If you were a mustache, what kind of mustache would you be?"...James: "One like this!"**draws out a mustache around his mouth and chin, then proceeds to travel down his neck and onto his chest**), Diana and I discovered that Mike and James were the male versions of us.

We all concluded that we needed to stick together the rest of the night and rock out in Queenstown. We ended up at another bar where we started both a karaoke and dance party. The employees and customers had no idea what hit them. Crowd (or maybe just our...) favorites included obvious choices of Toto "Africa" and Meatloaf "I Would Do Anything For Love." At one point, Diana scurried across the bar floor only to fall flat on her butt. And that was only the beginning... Diana and James also invented a new dance move coined "Moon Pumping," in which they moonwalked while fist pumping...quite the feat! I was thoroughly impressed with the new addition to our Friday Funday dance moves lineup.

Moon Pumping in action
A few hours later, hot and sweaty from our dance session, we all made our way back to the hostel for the night, but not before agreeing on having a Christmas gift exchange between the four of us. More on this in a follow-up post... Here's a cliffhanger: we could only spend $3 NZD (about $2.50 USD).

Dance party with new friends!

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