Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...or Not.

For our last day in Melbourne before we head out to Tasmania, Diana and I walked around the city centre to soak up our last moments of the renowned cafe culture here. One of the major things I've noticed is that Australian culture does not decorate as much for the Christmas holidays. There are a few decorations here and there, but nothing like in the States. AND I haven't heard one verse of "War is Over (Happy Christmas)" or even a single rendition of "O Holy Night" (my personal favorite). Where am I?!

This Christmas is my first away from my family. Because my brother, my dad, and I are all huge music fans, there's never a lack of Christmas melodies playing in the Hardman household during the holiday season. Heck, we even have a version of Jingle Bells barked by dogs on the playlist...and we all know how much I love animals...

This year, I'll have to create my own Christmas traditions and play music from my MacBook, but I must's not the same as my parents forcing their 20- and 30-something-year-old kids into coming over in their pajamas on Christmas morning and opening a huge mound of gifts. Oh, and how can I forget...there's lots of white girl and white boy dancing to be had. My brother Dave usually starts the morning by turning on "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney and doing the point and swirl dance.

The more I travel, the more I appreciate the traditions my family has developed over the years. I'll be the first to admit they may be a bit quirky, but that's what makes it fun and memorable. For Christmas this year, I'll take my dance moves and bad taste in Christmas music to my whitewater rafting trip in New Zealand with Diana and Ashley. I'm sure they'll join in!

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  1. I'll be sure to play Sir Paul and pour out some English Breakfast Tea in your honor. I'm assuming I will beat you in the present count this year, so I'm pretty excited about that, but I will definitely miss you not being there with us... Love you!