Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday Funday: Sydney Edition

On Thursday night, we arrived in Sydney ready to take on the world. The girl we're staying with (who is a friend of a friend that works for Deloitte here in Australia) lives in the CBD overlooking Harbour Bridge (amazing!). It was already almost 11pm when we finally got to her place, so a group of us Chicagoans just hung out chatting. Then, the highlight of the night occurred: a cute little Asian girl walked into the apartment with a dinosaur/alligator costume on. She then proceeded to ask whether anyone wanted to take it off her hands. Being me, I threw my hands up in excitement and graciously accepted the costume. Just to point out, this girl was about half a foot shorter than you can imagine how great the costume was going to look on me...

Fast forward to Friday Funday. Diana and I walked through Sydney CBD, looking for a place to dance to make people smile. As we walked around, scoping the area, I wore the dinosaur/alligator costume. People love random stuff; so many people laughed at the costume, so I gave them a little wave and yelled, "Happy Friday!" At the end of the day, life is about transferring the joy you have within to other people.

We chose to do Friday Funday at Circular Quay. We only danced for about an hour and made $13.45, just enough to buy a bottle of wine afterward. At the end of our shift, a girl named Petra approached us and asked us to help her Amazing Race team. They needed a photo with something that represented a zoo and saw my costume and said it would help them win. See the winning photo attached.

Overall, Friday Funday has been completed in two cities and both have been very well received. From these experiences, we have made a couple of very important observations:
-We definitely need a sign that reads "Friday Funday" and "Be You"- we had to throw our original ones away before Tassie...big mistake. Posters give people a reference point.
-Costumes are a hit! We need to incorporate more into the Friday Funday lineup.
-Diana and I are true, natural-born entertainers. I think we're onto something here...

Can't wait to try out Friday Funday in New Zealand next week! Stay tuned.

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