Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday Funday: Movember Edition

On November 23rd, we had our second Friday Funday where we danced on the streets of Melbourne to make people smile. However, this time around, we were more prepared.

As many of you know, all around the world men participate in Movember during the month of November to raise money for prostate cancer and male mental health. For Friday Funday, we wore mustaches to support this cause. Let me tell you, people loved it! We raised $29.75 (almost six times more than last week!) and enjoyed every minute of it. We were sweating so much that our mustaches were falling off our face, so we had to improvise and keep using new pieces of duct tape to keep it on.  At one point, we were dancing with one arm up in the air and the other holding onto our 'staches. Priceless.

Our first $5 note (or bill as Americans would say) was given to us by a man and his friend watching our performance through the cafe window in their office building. He ran outside after about 20 minutes of Diana and I dancing and said, "My colleague and I have been laughing and smiling at you two since you started. We thought it was only fair to give you a tip for the entertainment provided!"

Toward the end of Friday Funday, a random guy called out to us and asked, "Do you two know Gangnam Style?!" Before his very eyes, we switched the song and busted out the dance moves to Gangnam Style. He was in hysterics! Best moment of the day by far. See video attached.

I think we're really onto something here... And the best part? We're having the time of our lives making people happy! We even came up with a tagline for our business while we were dancing: Your Smile is Your Best Accessory...Wear It.

We're still brewing up ideas for next Friday...stay tuned!

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