Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Day at the Races

I flew into Melbourne early Friday morning and met up with my good friend, Diana. She was in Dubai and Singapore previously. For the next two months, we will be traveling throughout parts of Australia and New Zealand together.

We're lucky enough to be staying with friends of my friend Eileen, who also so happen to be one of the cutest couples ever! Kelly is American and Romney is Australian. Eileen and Romney have known each other nearly 20 years.

Kelly and Rom at Emirates Stakes Day
Romney picked me up from the airport, then we picked up Diana from the train, then we went shopping for fascinators (aka cool hats!) and dresses for Melbourne's Emirates Stakes Day that was happening the following day. Stakes Day is technically a "family day" at the horse races. To be completely honest, the thing Diana and I cared about most regarding the races was finding an obnoxiously large fascinator. The best part of buying a new fascinator? The fact that Diana and I would have to wear them onboard every plane from here on out due to the fact that they are hard to pack and take up too much room. SCORE! We'll be wearing them to Tasmania, Sydney, Christchurch, and Auckland (at least!). They'll be the most well-traveled, well-cultured fascinators. Here's the one's we chose:

We arrived at Flemington Racecourse, drank champagne on the lawn, ate finger sandwiches, placed bets (we chose the horse with the worst odds in one of the races called "Ready to Rip"), and mingled with everyone we could. At one point, Diana and I conquered a Buck's Party (aka bachelor party) and entertained a group of 10+ guys for over an hour with our random stories and smiles. I think the picture below sums up our goofy personalities:

The best part of attending Stakes Day was I was able to check off another thing on my bucket list: rock a fascinator at a horserace!

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