Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Venice Beach in Australia

This week, I took a side trip from Brisbane to Byron Bay all on my own. I crossed over from Queensland into New South Wales, changed timezones, and essentially shifted lifestyles. Byron Bay is a backpackers city full of independent shops, organic food, street performers, and beachside magnificence. There are virtually no Australians that live in the town and the ones that do live there have a false sense of reality.

Highlights of the trip (in no particular order):
1. Candlelit yoga at sunset overlooking the ocean.
2. Angus Stone at the Great Northern (see below, a little blurry, but it's "Broken Brights" from his new album).

3. Cashew, pesto, sundried tomato, and feta pie at Twisted Sista.
4. Meeting a Canadian couple and climbing up to the lighthouse (and the most gorgeous views up top!). We also saw dolphins in the water in the aqua-blue water.

I'm really glad I ventured out and traveled to Byron on my own. I met so many people that added to my life journey. Everyone is going in a different direction, but oftentimes there's a reason people cross paths. Whether it's to learn something good or bad, those that take something from a conversation with another person gains the most from life. When you travel, you realize just how many people there are in the world. You may cross paths with them for a split second or an extended period of time, but either way, anyone and everyone can impact your life. It's how you choose to react that defines what type of person you will be, what kind of presence you will exude to others, and how you can aid in others' journeys.  

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  1. Not only is it that "anyone and everyone can impact your life", but YOU can impact anyone and everyone's life. With each moment and with everyone who crosses your path - even for a moment - it is your opportunity to give...that is why they are in your life at that moment, and you are in theirs.