Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brighton Beach and Big Opportunities

Yesterday, we had every intention to get to the beach early in the day and enjoy the beautiful spring/summer weather Melbourne finally decided to bestow on us. However, when we arrived at the train station to take us there, we heard a very round Asian man yelling, "NO TRAIN! No train today. Bus only. NO TRAIN!!!" from across the tracks. Let me point out something here: he did NOT work for the city or the train line. He simply wanted to inform us that there was no train. As we walked up the ramp and over to the buses, he pulls out a random map from his pocket and continues to yell, "NO TRAIN!!! Take bus. NO TRAIN!!!" as we're standing about a foot from his face. We try to explain to him that we understood, but he continued to yell and point to his map. We thought this was the perfect time to walk away slowly..

Long story short, we hopped on two buses that eventually took us to Melbourne CBD. From there, we still had to take another train to Brighton Beach (fortunately, this train line was still running that day). Before we rode that train, we decided to lay in the sun at a park downtown and drink champagne...just because we could. Around 4pm, we finally got on the train and rode to the beach. This beach is known for its colorful shacks along the water. These things are tiny and sell for a couple hundred thousand dollars! People store their beach stuff in these and that's about it. Below are a few of my favorite ones:

After a couple hours at the beach, we headed back toward the city. As we were about to hop on the train, one of the friends we've made here in Melbourne (Jaymee) called us and told us that she had a group of people we needed to meet. We were exhausted, but luckily the event our friend wanted us to go to was off the same train line as the one we were already on. When we got there, we found out the event was for a winery in the area and the entire inside of this art space was decorated as if you were outside at the winery having a picnic lunch. There was fake grass on the floor, picnic baskets hanging from the ceiling, blanket to sit on, bikes and large pieces of fruit everywhere, grape vines hanging down, and an abundance of wine and champagne. We met the event manager and complimented her amazing setup! We also met a few women entrepreneurs, both of which were a HUGE help to us and offered a handful of suggestions to Diana and me. We're meeting with both this week to discuss further. I love when independent, confident women get together and exchange ideas and help each other! 

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  1. Looks a little like the shacks in Barbados - not the same quality though, of course.