Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Intangible Goods?

In the land of tangible goods (Los Angeles), a friend helped me zero in on this blog was love at first listen.

I'm a native Chicago girl, but I often visit California to visit friends I've met at various points in my life. In LA, I go to visit my study abroad friends--we lived in London together Fall 2007.

So one morning as I'm walking through neighborhoods near Santa Monica, my friend Josh is name dropping expensive car brands and series and my mind fogs over. I've never been one to buy things strictly for the brand name (although there's always exceptions if I know the brand is top quality). I don't live beyond my means either.

Josh then notices I have no interest in what he's talking about and comments, "You're really all about the intangible goods, aren't you?" Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. And so Intangible Goods was born.

I've had a couple blogs before but I wasn't super passionate or excited about the names or ideas behind them. This blog is different. I'm writing about all the things that make me happy and inspire passion on a daily basis. I'm aiming to tell stories that bring out the same in my readers. However, if I blog about something more tangible then intangible, don't worry! Because I'm sure I'll somehow relate it back to something Intangible. Enjoy!

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